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By Priyanka Lath Here in this article, you will explore different concepts of Homophone, Homograph, and Homonyms. I tried to explain all these concepts in simple language, providing ample examples of each so as to make it very clear and precise in terms of understanding the concept and using the fun and pun part ofContinue Reading

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By Priyanka Lath DEFINE PREPOSITION Preposition in very basic terms refers to words used to establish a relationship between a noun or pronoun with other words in the sentence so that the meaning of the sentence could be comprehended.  Prepositions are also called linking words. They are short and small words in general.Continue Reading

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By Priyanka Lath WHAT IS LAW INTERNSHIP? Internship simply means getting first-hand real experience of your chosen career subject. A law student or an undergraduate of law gain the real knowledge of the day to day legal practices in law internship. Basically, an internship is a practical experience of what youContinue Reading

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In the next 10 minutes, do you want to learn to give an effective presentation? It is okay if English is your second language. Presentation is not about your vocabulary or grammar. It’s about how you connect yourself with the audience. You need to show passion for the topic andContinue Reading

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By Monja du Ploy Executive assistants are the “face” and “voice” of their executive and therefore an ambassador for their company. It has to be every assistant’s goal to commission the company values, objectives, and priorities at all times. The indispensable assistant is resourceful, accountable, and always demonstrates proactive behavior.Continue Reading

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By Vatsal Jain Across the globe, women are continuously developing and brainstorming, they are innovating and advancing, but above all, they are eventually managing more than ever before. The State of Women-Owned Businesses report, commissioned by American Express, reveals that women-run organizations with revenues of over US$1 Mn sprang up 46% versusContinue Reading

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By Hetvi Shah How do I advance in this business? Is this the right career choice for me? How do I grow my freelancing career? These, among others, are questions that every freelancer asks himself/herself at some point in their career. Many people dread the mundane 9 to 5 routine. These are the people whoContinue Reading

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 By Mitadru Dey “I want to be a fireman”, a prompt response from a 7-year-old kid when I asked him what he wants to be in life. There was not much thought given in that response – you don’t expect that from a child. However, as that child grows into anContinue Reading

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By Moksha Sharma When you think of social media platforms, what are the first things that come into your mind? Instagram Facebook Twitter Quora Ever think of LinkedIn? Unfortunately, I know the majority of the answer will point onwards no. LinkedIn is an extremely underrated platform that is not foundContinue Reading