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By Diksha Singh Ever felt that there are two people living inside you? Like there is a constant battle that has been going on since the time you can’t even recall? I certainly do. There was a part of me that has always felt lonely and just wanted to run awayContinue Reading

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By Nidhi Aswal UNDERSTANDING POSTTRAUMATIC GROWTH Posttraumatic growth can take many forms, including tremendous respect for life, increased personal resilience, strengthened interpersonal relationships, a shift in life values, meaningful moral improvements, or the discovery of new meaning and intention in life. PTG (posttraumatic growth) is a hypothesis that describes this sortContinue Reading

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 By Mitadru Dey On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was facing the modern-day dilemma of choice of plenty as I wanted to watch a show on Netflix. While browsing through the hundreds of shows I found an intrigued one named “The Secret“. The trailer was very interesting as some of the celebritiesContinue Reading

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 By Mitadru Dey “You may experience increased stress during this pandemic. Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions.” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Why is our stress level so high? The answer lies in the lack of self-sufficiency. Our happiness is attributed to external factors, e.g., spouse, children, boss, colleagues,Continue Reading

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By Neha Garg DEPRESSION, WHAT EXACTLY IS IT? Depression is a medical disorder in which a person is sad. However, this sadness is very much different from the usual sadness that most of us experience on a regular basis. If someone is depressed, they may lose interest in work, play,Continue Reading

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By Neha Garg Problem with sleep, medically called insomnia, could be trouble falling or staying asleep. Getting a quality sleep for an adequate number of hours is very crucial for our health and well being. Ideally, we should sleep 7-9 hours but this may vary.  If you don’t get good quality sleep, youContinue Reading

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By Neha Garg What is Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMMD)? Premenstrual Syndrome, generally known as PMS are symptoms that occur a few days before a woman gets her monthly period. It is very common to have PMS and the symptoms can range from mild (affecting 75% of females)Continue Reading

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Everyone has a different goal when they start practicing mediation. Few want to control their mind, some want to relax their body, and others may just want to blank their emotions. The below techniques are useful for beginners and can help in sleeping better. Start with 5 minutes of meditation. You canContinue Reading

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Everyone has a phase in life when they feel that things are not in their control, they are losing everything in life and they have nobody to help them. Based on experiences of meditation teachers, yoga experts and doctors, we compiled a list of ideas that could help calm yourContinue Reading