Acoustic Post - Perfectionist

By Monja du Ploy Do you spend hours trying to perfect a task, read your work at least three times before submitting, or are you continually adjusting your looks and behavior to impress and please? We all know at least one perfectionist who tends to drive the “normal” people nuts withContinue Reading

living room set

By Ruchita We all love to make our homes beautiful, we want them to look classy, clean, spacious, and decorated according to our taste! But Home Decor is always tricky as it can be a costly affair. We all have our constraints and we don’t want interior decorating to burnContinue Reading

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By Moksha Sharma Have you designed your house to be home? Yet it doesn’t add up quite well at times?  Well, if you nodded yes to this, you might as well be relieved to land up here. Further into the blog, is a list of hacks you could use toContinue Reading

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, we all realized that it’s better to live your life to the fullest rather than pushing things for the future. Pick your bucket list ideas based on your personality and interest. Some of these ideas will not only make you happy but will also influence your life positively.Continue Reading

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By Poorvi Kulkarni WHAT IS ACNE? Acne is a condition caused by the clogging of hair follicles and oil glands. Sebaceous glands produce an oily material called sebum to keep your skin moist. The excess of sebum production leads to the clogging of follicles leading to skin inflammation. This inflammation isContinue Reading

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I am in my late 30s and have been through multiple careers and phases of life. I made multiple mistakes and learned multiple things from those experiences. Sometimes I wish, someone had told me these 5 life lessons in my 20s. Although I can give hundreds of life lessons but feel theseContinue Reading


By Halin Roche Pandemics are nothing new to mankind. They have been there since the evolution of man till he started to settle in civilizations. If we glance back at history, we could see that pandemics have always swept away a bunch of beings, animals and humans alike; right fromContinue Reading

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By Samaa A Having a dedicated working area is important because it wires your brain to be productive and put your mind into the mood. Your working area doesn’t have to be strictly a desk. It could be a dining table or any other form of a table, however, it’sContinue Reading

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Working from home for multiple weeks could be stressful for some people. Follow below wfh tips to be productive while maintaining your sanity. Morning routine: Start your day on a positive note by getting dressed, walking back and forth in your living room, morning meditation and eating healthy breakfast. Dedicated workplace: YouContinue Reading