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By Ashi Jain

Are you preparing for your JEE Main Examination which is going to be held in the year 2021? As we all know, the pandemic has disrupted our country’s entire education system, which has affected you in the worst possible manner. The delay of the examination has increased the levels of stress, anxiety, tension, and pressure which is piling up on your head, thereby disturbing your physical and mental health poorly.

To bring back your pace and determination to crack your exams with good percentile, here I provide exclusive tips and strategies said by the topper Sambit Behera himself who has scored 100% percentile in both the sessions due to his hard work and willpower to pursue his dreams of studying computer science from renowned institute named Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Sambit Behera who has been interviewed by several media channels reveals all the important tips and strategies essential to crack JEE Main Exam and how he attributes his success to his parents and his consistent hard work that enabled him to crack the exam with 100% percentile. He talks about his preparation journey and provides necessary tips for future engineers. Here are some of the important questions and answers asked by the interviewer to Sambit, which would provide you with the same courage and determination to pass your exam with good marks.

Ques-1: What was your reaction Sambit after you got to know about your score in JEE Main Exam?

Answer-1: After knowing my score, I was thrilled and excited and was expecting a good score after the response sheet was released. I was feeling happy and good as all my hard work paid off which I was preparing for such a long period. As soon as the response sheet was released, I calculated my percentile and discussed my answers with my teachers but scoring a 100% percentile was like a dream come true and I believe I cracked my first step toward my dream.

Ques-2: From when did you start preparing for JEE Main and tell us about your preparation strategy?

Answer-2:  I started preparing three years ago, that is when I was in class 11 I started studying for my JEE Main 2019. I make sure that my concepts should be very clear and specific. I make sure that whatever topic I have studied today should be revised by the end of the day so that it remains in my mind. If any doubt arises, one should get it cleared on the spot to have a better understanding of the topic. I haven’t planned any specific strategy for my JEE Main but I believed that whatever concept I studied, I should get a proper understanding of it.

Ques-3: What would you choose – self-study or coaching class and why?

Answer-3: I prefer both coaching classes as well as self-preparation. Coaching classes are quite helpful as the teacher helps you in understanding the core concept of the topic. If I had any doubts, I talked to my teachers and solved them. I believe that one should revise whatever they have learned in a day so that it gets stuck in their mind which is an important aspect for cracking your JEE Main Exam. I used to study 3-4 fours besides my coaching to get a good percentile in my paper.

Ques-4: Did you practice any mock tests or sample papers? Are they useful to you?

Answer-4: Yes I do practice mock tests which were arranged by my coaching institution. I believe solving mock tests and sample papers is essential for cracking competitive exams as they provide knowledge about the pattern of the paper and also pinpoint your mistake which can get rectified before the actual exam happens so that you don’t repeat mistakes at the time of my paper.

Ques-5: What are the important books you preferred for cracking your JEE Main Exam?

Answer-5 I prefer HC Verma for preparing my physics subject and Organic chemistry from J D Lee and Inorganic Chemistry from Peter Sykes. To prepare for my maths subject, I referred to my coaching material.

Ques-6  What is your success mantra?

Answer-6:  My success mantra would be consistent hard work and the right guidance and support from teachers and parents.

I hope that the tips and strategies provided by the topper himself will help you to score your JEE Main with a good percentile.

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