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By Diksha Sinha

In this vastly changing world, all skills are very important but, the most necessary skill that an individual should possess is first, knowledge about writing styles, and second, the way they write and present themselves. Be it a student or professional, writing skills say a lot about you. Since school, we have been taught various forms and pieces of writing articles, notices, e-mails, and also about blogs, reports, fiction, poetry, and so on. These forms sound similar because the root of all is the same, but all of them come under different writing styles. There is some sort of uniqueness that holds them together but acts differently.

Now, you will wonder how? Well, this post majorly discusses the major four styles that you can look at and let you understand the variations in detail.

So, do spare a few minutes to read and give it a worthwhile.


  1. Narrative Writing
  2. Descriptive Writing
  3. Expository Writing
  4. Opinion Writing

As the name suggests, all these styles are different from each other and include a certain set of examples within themselves. Diving into details now.


Narrative writing is a style wherein the writer expresses and narrates their values, and creativity through their piece of writing.

To explain it better, this writing is divided into two parts which are Fictional Writing and Personal Writing.

Starting with fictional ones, these are deliberately made up with the purpose to keep the readers entertained. Moreover, the major catch here is the building of characters that are purely based on imagination and how well you present that gives an impact to the reader.

It includes all sorts of short stories, tales, historical fiction, plays, and poems.

On the other hand, personal writing is purely based on personal experiences that have happened to you. It expresses your emotions and feelings towards a particular thing or a person. In other words, sharing your life experiences and stories with the audience.

It includes poetry, song lyrics, informal letters, and storytelling.


Descriptive writing is a style where one describes a person or a place in detail. Here, the writer is able to describe what he/she wants to showcase through their writing. It gives a feeling to the readers that they are actually experiencing it.

This writing includes journals based on travel or life experiencesarticles related to situations/issues, or paragraphs based on situations.


Expository writing is a style that is very different from the above-mentioned styles. This writing is totally based on facts where there is no place for any of your personal experiences. Here, the main purpose is to teach and share information.

This writing includes step-by-step experiments or a food recipe stating about method and procedure, research projects, summaries, reviews, or event reports.


Opinion writing is an act of putting your opinions with the aim to convince someone about something. It is truly and personally based on your outlook and presentation. Here, you need to provide your views to get encouragement from the other.

Examples are advertisements displayed, debates, and letters to the editors.   

So yes, these were about the styles of writing. These may sound similar but are very different from each other in terms of explanations and examples. The main purpose of this post was to make you aware of different writing styles by presenting the correct information. There is also a further step ahead, unlocking a more advanced form of these writings depending on your area of interest. You can also build a professional career as a Content Writer/Copy Writer with any of these styles.

We are taught about these skills at the school level and then may get advanced to different levels. Writing is a prerequisite from writing a basic e-mail to long blogs, knowing it well is required to practice your skills the right way.

Try and experience the styles because you never know, it will be a start to exploring your hidden talents and unlocking yourself to opportunities in the long run.

Remember, your writing reflects who you are!

The more you practice, the more you learn!!

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