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By Shreya Gopal

“What’s wrong with you?” These sets of words are quite familiar to me because, when you live a life of uncertainty and confusion, you are subjected to the most critical state of being questioned about your mental state! It’s a state which no one can understand or interpret; a few may try to, but the results are always contradictory to reality.  

How to find your Inner Peace with this Meditation Guide

During the evening breaks at my school, I was walking on the soccer field to board my van when my friend just accompanied me. We kept talking over a few things that I could barely understand. I murmured in disapproval of whatever she said except for the line ‘Just Let it Go.’ I didn’t utter a word after that. Still, something within me kept asking me a million questions, for which I had no answers, or maybe I lacked some time to analyze those answers! When I went back home, I made sure that I was isolated and started answering those questions from which I learned a few things that each of my fellow beings would have to know. This piece of work is to let you guys remember a few things! 

In our everyday routine, we talk, share, and discuss a million things, but the frequent ones are about the things we love or the things we miss. Why is it so? It’s just because we love them so much and that we can’t stop uttering about them. We spend days creating the world we need, putting in every possible input we can add. We recruit assistants to help us finish it in the best way possible. But what if the person we thought would make our life beautiful, worsens it? What if the person you thought would never leave your hand made sure you guys never patch up? What if the world tells you that you are not capable of creating the world you wish for and spoiled it yourself?  

We start hating ourselves, not knowing the truth, and without analyzing what happened! We start quitting from the responsibilities that lay ungratified and with a hope that we would come back to fulfill them.

My friend once told me a story of how a girl and a boy can love each other to the extent of being away from each other, to stay happy. I didn’t understand that if people genuinely love each other and say they can’t survive without them, why do they leave? Why do they spoil their years of togetherness? Are they making sacrifices for their love? No! Not! They are just moving away from something that doesn’t give them comfort and peace. They search for happiness to fill in their arena, hoping that their life would become divine again. 

What’s life without pain?’, when I encountered this question, a million thoughts poured in, but the silence of my heart was so pure that I felt relieved from something that was poking me around. Not always face the problems gifted to your life. Do you? My guess is, there is still a 50% possibility that you would avoid it and pretend to be normal. Why? Just because we know that life is a short journey and that nobody has the time to waste it in pain. But the reality is that the problem kept unsolved will follow you unless it is untangled. We run away, hide, and give excuses just because the problem is more than our potential, but guys, it’s your life; if you want to see it bloom beautifully, you need to tackle the pain. Let me put it in a sentence. “If you want to see the rainbow, you need to go through the storm.” 

Even Ashish Bagrecha, in his book “Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel,” has quoted, “If you’re given darkness, you’ll also be gifted with stars.”

We live in a world where we need to dig deep into ourselves to find hidden peace. But why is it so? If peace is so significant, then why is it so hard to find where nano atoms are found? It’s merely for the reason that in the society we live in and are brought up in, every nano entity around us has a purpose to fulfill. In the process of fulfilling the purposes of a billion things, individual peace lies in a cramped hole.  

But the thing I’d like to enlist here is that ‘Peace’ can be collective as well as individual. “Peace: Freedom from disturbance.” 

You can find peace within yourself when you start observing yourself, when you stop wasting time on useless things, on unnecessary words, when you understand that world peace does not lie only on the people in power but on each and every individual, when you know that life is temporary when you can feel what your inner voice is speaking, when you know that people around you are buoyant because of you when you know that you’re not the one messing up things, when you feel the love in your eyes, when you soothe your soul after a long battle, when you know that this world is exactly what you wanted and there’s nothing more you could expect from it instead thank it for everything it has given you, when you finally understand who you are, That’s when you find your INNER PEACE! 

“It’s all your mistake, Shreya, and It’s all because of you!!”. I was interrupted by this message sent by my best friend. Oh well, here comes another scenario where you feel guilty for something you did accidentally and that you have no way to prove yourself, and that you lose a few crucial things in your life, and you can do nothing instead to keep trying to find a way out. That’s when you run away from your problems, you lose your inner peace, and you tend to visualize your society as a means of destruction to your life, and that’s when a ‘human’ actually becomes just a means of existence!

Well, the thing is, you do not have to prove to the world that you are right and that you didn’t hurt anyone intentionally, that you didn’t distance someone to hurt them, that you didn’t meet that person to distance them, that you didn’t want someone to break your heart, again and again, so you didn’t want to meet them. You just wanted peace, and that’s not wrong!  

“I keep tellin’ myself that it’ll be fine.

You can’t make everybody happy all of the time”

                              ~ The Avett Brothers

When I went back to school the next day, I said to my friend, “No matter how much you try to make someone joyous, you tend to hurt them in the end, and that’s the biggest paradox in the irony of our lives. You have to disconnect from those with whom you no longer share contentment, avoid those circumstances where you had to wear a mask all day, ignore those perspectives that are no longer yours and dwell in the reality of peace and for that, we have to ‘Let go a few things.’ You are right buddy, Thank you!”.

Edited by: Adith Gauthaman 

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