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We have hundreds of things to do or think about but once we start coming back to normal life after Covid-19 pandemic, what are the things that you want to get back to? This is a good time to step back and think about the things that matters the most to you.

1. Wellness: This refers to both physical and mental health. Most people focus only on physical fitness and a healthy diet. It is equally important to have a peaceful and relaxed mind. Know that your existence depends completely on your wellness.

2. Relationships: Human connection plays a key role in our happiness. Having a loving family and friends who care about you is a blessing. If you have lost connection with your old friends then this is the perfect time to call them and say ‘hi’.

3. Purpose: Most of us are raised to have a competitive personality and follow the rat race of this evolving world. We hardly think about what we really want. We must take a break and think about the purpose of our life and existence. Do you have any goals or dreams that you want to pursue? Or do you want to live a slow-paced and easy-going life countryside? No purpose is big or small. Visualize your ideal life and it will be easier to stay happy and focused.

Understand that other’s success is not your success.

4. Fun: Everyone has a different method for entertainment. It could be playing games, watching movies, singing, or dining out. Chose what you like the most but keep a few hours a week to engage in your hobby or favorite activity.

5. Travel: It’s another way of entertainment but should not be replaced by other fun activities. Traveling broadens your horizon by introducing you to new cultures and places. Communicating with people from different parts of the world could be enlightening. Take a resolution to travel to a new city or country once every year.

6. Social Service: Charity and giving back to society could be very fulfilling. You can either donate money or help by volunteering for non-profit organizations.

7. Spirituality: It does not only refer to believing in God or an invisible superpower. Even an atheist could be spiritual. It simply means believing in kindness in this world, loving people around you, and showing gratitude to nature. Be empathetic and compassionate.

If you can sleep peacefully at night without guilt or thinking about anything then you have achieved spirituality.

8. Education: You should never stop learning. You could be a 6 months old learning to walk or 40-year-old learning to skydive. Keep learning a new skill every year. You will be surprised to see how exciting it could be to learn to ride a bike at the age of 50. Reading or listening to podcasts is another way to increase your knowledge. Stuff You Should Know is an amazing podcast to learn about a random interesting topic.

Watch the movie, Forrest Gump, if you want to see how many things a man could learn in life.

9. Passion: Are you passionate about something? Understand that it’s different from your hobby. This is the thing leaving which could be the most difficult decision for you. Not a lot of people are aware of their passion but feel privileged if you have one.

You may have a different priority for all these things but have some importance for each of them in your life. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck book speaks on the same lines explaining the things that you must care about in your life.

Let us know what is the most important thing in your life.

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