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1. Unsplash: A huge library of free, non-copyright and high-quality pictures from artists across the globe.

Getty Images and Pixabay are two other options for free images.

2. Grammarly: A website and also a browser plugin that can help amateur and professional writers for editing and proofreading. The free version is good for basic editing and a paid version could come handy for professional editing of novels or documents.

3. Honey: A website that could help you find coupons or a browser plugin that could automatically find and apply coupons for online shopping ranging from shoes to flights to home decor.

4. SpeedtestCheck your internet speed with this website. This can be used to check both download and upload speed.

5. WordPress: A user-friendly interface with multiple free themes and plugins to create a new website in a few hours.

ShopifySquarespace, and Wix are few other options that you may try.

6. Acoustic Post: A one-stop website where you can get information about anything. They write about health, finances, lifestyle and everything else that you wanted to know.

7. GoodRx: Website and app to compare prescription drug prices and find coupons that could save up to 80% at US pharmacies.

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