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By Neha Garg

Ever wondered if there is any food that you should consume daily.  The health benefits of these foods make them Superfoods! Let’s find out what they are along with their medical benefits.

1. Eggs: Very good and inexpensive source of high-quality protein. If you want extra benefit, add more egg whites and fewer egg yolks to get that extra protein without adding much fat. Eggs are rich sources of vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron, and copper.

2. Almonds: Almonds are one of the best nuts. They increase HDL or “good cholesterol” and also lower your blood sugar. They decrease appetite and thus promote weight loss. Almonds (in moderate amounts) are highly recommended for patients with heart disease. 

3. Yogurt: If you have digestive issues, yogurt can be a very good source to improve your healthy gut (intestinal) bacteria. It is a rich source of protein and calcium which protects from osteoporosis (weak bones).

4. Oats: Incredibly nutritious! Beta-Glucan (a type of soluble fiber in oats) helps to lower LDL or “bad cholesterol”, lose weight, lower blood sugar and keep you full. It aids in digestion and is a good source of antioxidants, magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc, and vitamin B. Oats are naturally gluten-free too!

5. Avocado: High in vitamin B, vitamin K, and the beauty vitamin E. They are a good source of Potassium – one of the most important minerals in our body that helps in muscle contraction and nerve signals.

6. Beans: One of the best sources of protein for vegetarians and vegans. Soybeans contain all nine essential amino acids which are required to build proteins in the body. Also a good source of antioxidants (reduce the risk of cancer) and folate (vitamin required to make blood cells). 

7. Spinach: Popeye ate spinach as it helps with brain and nervous system function. Spinach also helps in improving the vision as it has lots of vitamin A. It is a very good source of iron (good for people with iron deficiency anemia). To add to its goodness, it promotes glowing and acne-free skin, and prevents wrinkles. People who take medications like blood thinners or anticoagulants should avoid spinach. 

8. Blueberries: Low in calories and high in nutrition! Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants that inhibit DNA damage and thus prevent cancer and aging.  Eating 150g of blueberries reduces the risk of heart disease by ~15%. So, if you have a family history of heart diseases, this is the food you should add to your daily meal. 

9. Broccoli: Great source of fiber that can help with constipation. It has a good amount of vitamin C which not only improves your skin and collagen but also helps in the absorption of iron from food. 

10. Quinoa: A gluten-free source of essential amino acids that helps in building proteins. Rich in magnesium so may help those who suffer from muscle cramps. It could reduce the chances of developing stones and like other superfoods prevents heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and bone diseases. Also, it is a natural laxative (prevents constipation). 

Now you know the science behind the health benefits of these Superfoods, try incorporating them one by one in your diet and keep on adding as many as you can. But definitely don’t forget what foods your physician advised to avoid. 

Go ahead and add them to your grocery list today!

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