The Ultimate Guide to STAGE OTT Platform: Changing the Way We Watch Movies & TV Shows

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By Ashi Jain

Vinay Kumar Singhal introduced STAGE, an indigenous OTT platform that draws hyper-localized content. The STAGE app was established more than three years. However, it started gaining attention from its audience when the platform’s founder Vinay Kumar Singhal and their business partners, named Shashank Vaishnav and Praveen Singhal, introduced their digital platform idea on Shark Tank India Season 2. This famous television show premiered on Sony TV Channel.

This Delhi-based digital platform centers around Indian viewers. This app has raised INR 40 crores from funding which was led by Blume Ventures and engaged all-around participation from various ventures, thereby increasing its capital in total to Rs 71 crores. The idea of establishing this app focuses on providing numerous content to their audiences in their dialectic language.

Approach Of The Founder Behind Creating This Idea

Vinay Kumar, a Haryana resident who lost his previous company, Witty Feed, unexpectedly came up with this idea while traveling back to his village. He realized there were over 19,500 dialects in the nation, and there was untapped potential for producing material based on them. This is what STAGE OTT hopes to achieve.

The founder of this STAGE OTT app was focused on the development of this app and how it will reach out to its audience through its content. He wants to target the regional or local material that speaks to parts of the nation.

Vinay described his short-term objectives as follows: “The funds raised will be used to penetrate deeper in Rajasthan and Haryana, generate unique content, and grow the product he stated. By the middle of 2024, we aim to reach 10% of the more than 25 million households in Rajasthan and Haryana that view video content.”

The vision of the founder is to make the application one of India’s largest regional language platforms. By the year 2027, he plans to introduce material on their app in more than 27 dialects and it will soon be able to reach more than 100 million households.

How to Use STAGE App and Enjoy its Amazing Features

As per the studies, the STAGE OTT app will enable users to enjoy their shows comfortably. The developers of this OTT platform are from small villages, and they have studied in-depth how tier 2 and tier 3 audiences consume content.

The research says that the collection on the STAGE OTT app involves various dialects such as Haryanvi, Rajasthani Bhojpuri, Maithili, and Magadha Language. So let us learn in this section of the article how to use the STAGE app and enjoy its exclusive features.

To use the STAGE OTT app, follow some of the steps:

STEP-1: The users need to download the app on their devices. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. They can install this popular tv streaming device from Google Play and App Store.

STEP-2: They must log in to the app by adding their phone number and email ID. Moreover, they can select the language as per their preference by choosing it from the menu bar beside the log-in option.

STEP-3: Once this popular streaming app is installed, they can explore trending TV shows and movies in your dialect.  They can follow the latest artists and get notifications about the latest events and shows.

To enjoy premium features which include non-stop entertainment without buffing, access to the latest Haryanvi movies or web shows, and many more, they can purchase the VIP recharge subscription pack, which starts with a quarterly plan of INR 199 and an annual plan of INR 399.

The VIP research subscription plan allows them to watch premium web shows and series of the highest quality and download the content. They can watch the content on their TV as well. As per the research, the STAGE app claims 50% of its repeat customers with 8-10K subscriptions per month.

STAGE VS. Other OTT Platforms – Which is Best for You?

The best OTT platforms will depend upon their needs and choices. Suppose they are interested in watching content in Hindi and English language. In that case, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu is the perfect option for them, but if they are keen on watching content in various dialectic languages, then the STAGE OTT app is the ideal choice for you.

This live streaming app offers numerous content in regional languages for its audiences. It is a revolutionary platform that creates and distributes content in local dialects. Moreover, it is the only platform with an integrated end-to-end live streaming platform. It even offers customization options and a wide range of features that enable users to stream their content easily.


THE STAGE OTT app, introduced last year, provides trendy entertainment and educational content in various dialects. The app provides various entertainment formats to its audiences such as web series, short stories, movies, podcasts, radio shows, and much more. To experience watching content in various regional languages, join the STAGE OTT app today.

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