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By Ashi Jain

Are you not able to visit a medical store to buy medicines due to your hectic work schedule? Are you tempted to buy online medicines in the USA due to the heavy workload on your shoulders? If yes, then you have arrived on the right platform. In this blog, I will discuss how to identify fake and genuine online pharmacy stores in the USA.

Nowadays, in the USA, Rogues are selling illegal medicines and drugs to consumers through these online pharmacy stores, which causes an adverse effect on their health. These rogues trap innocent consumers in the web of discounted prices while purchasing medicines from their stores and claiming to sell medicines to their customers without proper prescriptions. In the name of medications, they sell dangerous drugs and counterfeit medicines, which cause harmful effects on their health, and work in an illegal manner outside the policies followed by the licensed pharmacies in the USA.

While purchasing medicines through online pharmacies, it is essential to protect your family’s health as many pharmacies in the USA work illegally and transport drugs to them while some of the pharmacies operate legally and ensure safeguards policies for their customers. They offer convenient medicines to their customers and ensure complete privacy for them. They improve their access to medications for disabled and homesick people who have difficulties visiting the medical stores.

Online pharmacy stores share benefits with their customers in terms of accessibility, convenience, price transparency, and availability of a vast variety of products. To ensure the safety of their citizens, the U.S Food and Drug Administration has issued guidelines to be followed by the citizens while purchasing medicines from online stores and warns them about rogues who claim to sell illegal drugs to consumers.

The question that must be coming to your mind is how can we identify these rogues and protect our family’s health? Let’s solve this question and try to list out essential signs that will help to beware of fake pharmacies and ensure complete safety. Given below are some of the signs:

  1. The rogues operating the online pharmacy stores usually display Canadian Flag, but in reality, they have no connection with other sides of the globe and are usually criminals who want to lure innocent consumers and attain massive lump-sum amounts from them.
  2. These rogues allow you to buy medicines without having proper valid prescriptions from your health service provider.
  3. They provide medicine that doesn’t contain the right ingredients and harms your health.
  4. They lure consumers with attractive discounted coupons and offer medicines at a low price.
  5. They are usually located outside the USA and constantly track the records of consumers purchasing medicines.
  6. They failed to meet the U.S. standard laws and regulations based on pharmacy and didn’t provide a valid response to their customers.
  7. The medicines are not appropriately stored in a warehouse considering necessary temperature controls due to which medicine becomes ineffective in treating the disease.
  8. The medicines often cause harmful reactions in your body which instantly cause serious health problems and allergic reactions.
  9. The medicine doesn’t contain active ingredients that help you treat your disease and lessen your pain.

As I already discussed the signs that will help you identify fake online pharmacy stores in the USA, It’s time to talk about the signs that will help you identify genuine Online Pharmacy USA. Given below are some of the signs:

  1. Legitimate Online Pharmacies in the USA follow the government’s laws and regulations.
  2. They ask for valid prescriptions from licensed healthcare service providers’ consumers.
  3. To maintain the trust of their customers, they mention the street address of their store on the website.
  4. The online pharmacy in the USA stores provides complete phone numbers and physical addresses.
  5. The online pharmacy stores are always licensed by the state board of pharmacy.
  6. They have a state-licensed pharmacist to answer all the queries of their customer.
  7. The online pharmacy stores are always associated with the VIPPS Seal, which claims they are trustworthy Internet pharmacies and have met state licensure requirements.

I hope this blog has given you useful insight while purchasing medicines from online pharmacy stores in the USA.

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