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By Rohan Chaturvedi

I’m someone who learns and understands better by listening. So naturally audio content has been a massive source of infotainment for me. From Advertising tales, Movie Reviews, Interviews, Self-help tips, Financial advice to Book readings, I’m a proud and avid consumer of Indian Podcasts. 

Audio Content has been a part of human civilization since time immemorial. We as a species have been big-time suckers for stories. We just can’t seem to get enough of them. 

Kudos to advancements in smartphone technology and easily accessible internet, we now have constant access to all kinds of content out there, at our fingertips. Audio content, in the form of podcasts, has been slowly regaining momentum for the past few years, and now we’re consuming it more than we realize. 

From interviews to solo audio programs, our ears are more occupied than ever before. What’s also interesting is the growing rate of regional audio content in India, which is witnessing humongous demand from the consumer’s end. 

So, here are some recommendations for Indian podcasts from a fellow Podcast enthusiast.



Image Source: Advertising Is Dead on YouTube

Hosted by Varun Duggirala, Co-founder and Content Chief of the Glitch, Advertising is Dead focuses on bringing together everyone from the media, and getting their insights on the current landscape of the new media world order, and how the brands are leveraging the same. From renowned leaders, Content creators, advertising specialists, every episode has something unique to offer. You’re bound to come out of every conversation with some Gyaan. 

Recommended episodes: 

  • Staying ahead of the Content Curve Feat. Tanmay Bhat
  • Evolving the creative agency business Feat. Harshil Karia
  • Failure Resume, Work-Life & Beyond Feat. Ankur Warikoo

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Image Source: Lets Do Shots on Podtail

Presented by Siddhant More of Mad Over Marketing (M.O.M), this podcast is all things short and crisp. With the rise in short-form content on the internet, thanks to our reduced attention spans, Let’s do shots has opted for a 4-8 minute episodic length, which works like a charm. It’s packed with intriguing stories and anecdotes of various brands, and all things topical. 

Recommended episodes:

  • Spotify changed the way we listen to music
  • Fairness Creams
  • The story behind Apple’s insane valuation

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Image Source: Simple Ken on Spotify

Kenneth Sebastian or Kenny as he’s lovingly referred to as both the creator and host of this podcast. Early childhood, Relationships, Seeking balance in life are amongst a few of the many conflicts that Simple Ken touches upon. He’s nonchalant, funny, insightful along with not being too preachy (Thank god!). 

Recommended episodes: 

  • Accepting Reality
  • Coping Mechanism
  • People Pleasing Feat. Kanan Gill

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Image Source: Love Aaj Kal on Spotify

Hosted by the digital age love gurus, Aastha Aatray and Ankit Vengulekar, Love Aaj Kal is all about the complexities and technicalities in the modern-day relationships. Everything synonymous with and relevant to Love is discussed in this judgement-free space. You’ll find conversations, both humorous and deep concerning Love, Sex, Dating, Heartbreak, Gender roles, and much more. 

Recommended episodes: 

  • How are Cooped-in couples coping at home?
  • Who is the toxic one?
  • Should couples have complete financial privacy?

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Image Source: Interviews with Anupama Chopra on Stitcher

If you’re a full-fledged movie buff, like me, chances are that you’re already privy to this podcast hosted by the founder of Film Companion, Anupama Chopra. She has been writing about the Hindi Film industry for years now, bringing enriching conversations to us, week after week. You’ll find interviews and conversations with the best artists from India, as well as international. 


Enriching conversations with well-known Filmmakers, Actors, Cinematographers, Writers, and Creative Producers. 

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Image Source: Behind the Brands on Anchor

An otherwise lesser-known podcast, Behind the Brands, is a Business podcast which strongly focuses on Advertising, Brand Building and Marketing. Hosted by Mariam Noronha, it sheds light on what went into making some of the most iconic Indian Advertisements, and the Brands behind the same. I love how every episode is so succinct and enriching. Chances are, you’d be left with a certain sense of nostalgia after listening to some of the tales concerning yesteryear advertisements. 

Recommended episodes: 

  • The Maggie noodles Advertising campaign
  • Consistency and Care: The Vicks Advertising campaign
  • Vodafone Pug and Zoozos

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Audio is no longer the future, nor the past. Audio is the present. Happy Podcasting!

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