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By Samaa A

Having a dedicated working area is important because it wires your brain to be productive and put your mind into the mood. Your working area doesn’t have to be strictly a desk. It could be a dining table or any other form of a table, however, it’s crucial to work on an upright chair.

  1. Organizing, decluttering, and cleaning the surface: It might take some time to do this task, as you’d have to throw away some old documents and organize some files, but an unorganized and unclean table would stress you and distract you.
  2. Music and/or scents: Setting the mood using music and/or scent might be a simple step but is also very effective to wire your brain.
  3. Few to no contact with family members and cohabitants: As much as it’s hard to not talk to your family and cohabitants during the day, it’d be better for your concentration. Be clear with them about your working hours and online meeting schedule. Put up a sign. You could organize 10-minute breaks to interact with them for important updates or questions.
  4. Whiteboard/vision board: Both of these options could be helpful for a number of reasons. You could write motivational quotes on them. You could put some good sceneries and photographs as well. Writing your to-do lists on them could be more helpful than having them online if the visual effect is important to you. Don’t forget to organize your tasks by priority and time taken to finish them. Adding color to the board would give you good vibes as well.
  5. Good lighting: It’s important to have good lighting; in order to not strain your eyes, especially because of the long screen hours. Besides natural lighting and the room lighting, adding a desk lamp next to your screen would be helpful too.
  6. Comfortable chair: Make sure your chair is comfortable. Don’t hesitate to invest in a chair with back support. You have to take care of your back!

Bonus tip: download an app on your computer to remind you to stretch every 30 minutes or so. You could also take this break to close your eyes for a few seconds to rest them.

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