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By Priyanka Lath

Do you know you should include 4 kinds of nuts in your diet daily? Cashew is one among them. Cashews are mild, creamy kidney beans like looking nuts. The cashew plant originated in Brazil and found its way to India by the traders. Now, Tamilnadu, a state in India, is the largest producer and exporter of cashews.

Diet and nutrition experts opine that a handful of cashew nuts is all that you need. Yes, you heard it right. A fistful of cashew is roughly 28gms or 1ounce and contains 16-17 whole cashews.

Cashews have a long list of health benefits when consumed in moderation. You will be amazed to know cashew is a whole food.


  1. Cashew is good for the heart. It reduces LDL cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.
  2. Cashew is the enemy of anemia. The iron and copper content in cashews are good for anemic.
  3. Cashews build bones. The magnesium, vitamin k, etc., helps build strong bones.
  4. Cashew is a storehouse of antioxidants.
  5. Are you a migraine patient? Have cashews. The magnesium content of cashews reduces the frequency and severity of migraine attacks.
  6. Selenium in cashews ensures optimal thyroid function.
  7. Cashews release serotonin, the happy hormone. They keep you happy and relaxed.

The list can go on and on.

Are you a fitness freak? Do you love building muscles and the six-pack look?

If yes, then include cashews, the high calorie, and energy bomb in your diet. Of course, you heard me right. Cashews are a vital source of vegan protein.

A 100gm of cashews provides you with a hefty 18gms of protein. When you are on a muscle-building journey, cashews can be your real friend. The amino acid in cashews helps build muscles and maintain them as well. The amino acid is also responsible for building and renewing cells and tissues.

Guys and girls, include cashews in your diet and flaunt your fit body.

Hang on, all beautiful girls. Cashews have something for you as well. Struggling for glowing skin and healthy hair? Cashews, the storehouse of antioxidants, can add glow to your skin and texture to your hair.

Get the sun-kissed glow on your skin with cashews. They contain vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, iron, and selenium, etc., which help you to enhance your skin, retain the glow, and prevent wrinkles.

Say hello to shiny hair! Cashews can benefit your hair more than you ever thought. Yes, your dream of long, wavy, and lustrous hair can come true if you start consuming cashews. Not only do cashews make your tresses smooth, but they also prevent hair loss.

Wow, amazing. Right? Brace yourself while I tell you that cashews not only prevent hair loss but also promote hair growth. Cashews are filled with potassium and few other nutrients, which do the trick.

A word of caution:  Don’t jump up from your seats and rush to have cashews. Here comes a word of caution!

Cashews are a fat bomb; consuming too many cashews can lead to gain weight. So, consume in moderation. I will repeat, a handful of cashew nuts is all you need.

Now, you can rush to grab cashews, the super nut.

But, but, but!

Don’t forget, just a handful of cashews is all you need!

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