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By Moksha Sharma

When you think of social media platforms, what are the first things that come into your mind?





Ever think of LinkedIn?

Unfortunately, I know the majority of the answer will point onwards no.

LinkedIn is an extremely underrated platform that is not found and if found, is not used to give the optimum results.

This piece of write-up is going to touch on some pointers that are necessary to get started on LinkedIn the right way.

Firstly and most importantly comes in an ‘All-Star’ profile.

Wondering what an all-star profile is?

Well, think of when you are deciding on a password for something and it needs to be strong enough. This is exactly like that.

An ‘All-Star’ profile is a complete profile adhering to all the requisites that need to be filled while forming one. This means that you have reached the bar to be termed as an optimum profile and you are good to go now.

It is said that all-star profiles have 27 times better chances of getting viewed and recognized in the LinkedIn community.

Coming to the pointers that need to be focussed on to maintain and sustain a well-running personal brand on this social media platform.

  •  Apt Title/Headline

You want to be searched and approached for the niche or fields that you are the best at and a proper title on your profile is what will give across as the hint. Make sure to include all the necessary keywords from the said field and see the change in the search count. This also helps in getting the right leads for the business. 

For instance, I am a content writer and a freelancer. Thus my headline, just below my name reads – Content Writing|Freelancing

  • A Professional Looking Picture

Though a social media platform, it is meant for a professional setting, and thus an appropriate display picture can also make or break the game for you. By professional looking I mean a decent picture that is not probably a selfie or a mirror-selfie. First impressions are created by photographs and you do not want to spoil that up. 

  • Detailed ‘About’ section

This is where you put in all the information about yourself that you want your connections and recruiters or clients to see. The ‘about’ section contains your interests, your work, and your expertise giving the audience an idea of what you do and what is that you should be contacted about. A brief description of your likes and your work area helps you meet the right people either to learn or even to find projects.

For instance, my profile on LinkedIn reads something like:

  • Interested in content writing
  • Interested in psychology 
  •  An avid reader and have recently found an inclination towards mythology
  • Planning to do an MBA

(and more, won’t give out the entire detail so you can go check my profile out on LinkedIn now!) 

This is how other content writers and freelancers find me. The same way I get to interact with people in the psychology field and have some interesting discussions about books.

  • Proper Network/Connections

Now, why is this important? 

Because you want to add value to the people that follow you and at the same time benefit your own self by following them and thus you want the right individuals with you. It isn’t necessary that if you are a content writer or a graphic designer so you just add the similar people in your circle. You never know which person can do what for you and vice-versa. Hence, I would suggest not narrowing down your reach. 

A proper circle is also directed towards connecting with the people that you feel will require your services for example founders, CEOs, and start-up groups.

  • Quality Content

As I mentioned earlier, you want to add value to your connections’ perspectives and knowledge. This is possible only if your content is relevant and of quality. People like to read and spend more time when they like what you have to offer and will also regularly engage and wait for your pieces to come out on the platform. This way you build your own space and brand with a loyal following.

  • Engage with other posts

Ever heard of the theory of ‘Give and Take’?

That’s exactly what networking on LinkedIn is about. You engage and interact with people on their posts and they’ll do the same. You cannot expect them to be loyal towards you all the time if you aren’t ready to encourage them or make them see the right direction if they go off-track sometimes. 

Regular engagement not only helps to build strong relationships but also make your presence known to people and increase your recognition chances.

  • Consistency

Now that you have a well-built profile ready for optimization, all you need is to get on with it on a daily basis. Be consistent so that you are not forgotten in the community. Think of this in the same way brands keep showing advertisements so that their presence is known among the consumers and not only old customers are retained but also they attract a new group of audience. 

These are the 8 pointers I keep in mind every time I log in my account on Linkedin. The most essential factor is to remember these points all the time to keep working and making a personal brand. 

To take a look at what and how a profile should be here’s the link to mine: Moksha Sharma LinkedIn

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