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By Moksha Sharma

Have you designed your house to be home? Yet it doesn’t add up quite well at times? 

Well, if you nodded yes to this, you might as well be relieved to land up here.

Further into the blog, is a list of hacks you could use to clear away all the unnecessary drama that makes your private space look chaotic. 

Not only this, but decluttering can help make an illusion that looks like you have a lot of space and area. 

Satisfied enough? 

Then let’s get into the real talk! 


Understanding what is the ‘mess’ that you need to do away with is important so that you don’t throw away things that could make your house look aesthetic. 

Now, there is no specific checklist that you can tick down since what things you don’t need are very subjective to each individual.

Thus, you first need to inspect. 

Go through your entire home, all the cabinets, all the shelves, and scan. 

Make a quick thorough run-through so that you get an idea of what is placed where and how everything looks at the moment and what needs to be changed. 

Once you are over with this, you can start with the actual decluttering process. 


This is where you answer ‘how’.

You cannot work on the entire square feet area at the same time. It is impossible and thus you need to divide your house into sections or zones. 

The sections could be as follows:

  • The entrance and the living room 
  • Kitchen and the dining area 
  • Rooms
  • Bathrooms 
  • Any other storage areas you may have 

The above is an idea, you can work on the sections as you please. 

If this looks like a lot of work to you, you may as well skip it but know that this will keep you organized throughout. 


Letting things go isn’t easy and thus you have to prepare yourself for what you are getting into. Be firm when deciding on what is going to stay v/s what goes out. The attachment will lead to honing unnecessary baggage and ruin the purpose of decluttering. 

You see a thing, you know you haven’t used it yet, you know you are not going to. 

What even is the use of keeping it! 

Throw it away sis! 


It’s always nice to see other people being comfortable in their standard of living and even better when you are able to increase that by up a notch. 

Donating the stuff to the ones who actually need it and will make productive use of it is one of the best things you could do. 

It’s like hitting many targets with a single stone – you declutter excess, the things get used and not wasted away, you make people happy and  bonus! – you earn love, appreciation, and blessings in return. 

Isn’t that a perfect way to live knowing you changed lives…?


You don’t have to hide everything in drawers or storages. You could have a glass or see-through cupboard to put showpieces on them and crockery. 

Moreover, wall hangings are so in right now! 

You could get a bunch of shelves or racks and hammer them on the walls and thus create extra space. Not only is this reducing your counter mess but also distributing a lot of your things making them spread and not ored in all together. 

Decluttering is not throwing/giving away the unwanted stuff, but it also means segregating things to make it all look organized. Thus, while cleaning if you find products mixed up, separate them. 

Apart from this, you could always ask your friends for help and ideas. A third person’s point of view is always helpful because that provides a different outer perspective that you won’t ever be able to take into consideration just by yourself. 

However, if you need a broader range of ideas, Pinterest is a platform that will never be a disappointment. It has a varied range of ideas and suggestions that you can refer to and take into account. 

Nonetheless, it’s cleaning up.

Not a tough job, a time-consuming one though. 

Anyway, this is your chance to redo your home as you wanted to with the least expenses! 

Use it well!

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