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By Sritama Nandi

A friend of mine was a tad too disappointed because her blog posts were going unnoticed. Even after repeated promotions of her posts, hardly anyone would like or comment on her posts.

Folks in the writing community know how hard the situation pricks. Years of experience, blood, sweat and toil all cannot go in vain. Crafting posts is an art and not receiving engagements on the same can leave you dismayed.

Often the problem lies not with the content but its presentation. It is crucial to know the ABCs of copywriting to curate eye-catching blog posts. Learning this can generate more traffic and get your post trending in no time.

So it’s important to keep hustling every day. In the following segment, let us cast light on what makes your blog post a masterpiece.

Go for a catchy headline

Say you visit a bookstore. You may or may not have the time and energy to skim through the content. So what is it that is bound to captivate your attention? Needless to mention, it’s the title of the book. An eye-catching title has the power to intrigue audience.

Same goes for blog posts. Social handles are often bombarded with a heap of articles. Some may be clichéd, while others may be of value. But do we go through all of them? The answer is no!

Ones with attention-grabbing titles keep readers glued to the screen.

Irresistible intros

You headline is compelling enough to make your reader delve deep. Now what? Is the rest of the content crisp and fresh? The idea is to keep the audience hooked, right?

The introduction of your blog post is what mesmerizes the audience. A compact yet meaningful introduction makes the readers want even more. Apply it to your posts and you can thank us later.

Keep your tone conversational to make things interesting. Towards the end of the introductory paragraph, present a one-line summary of the whole thing.

Keep the blog post simple

In the writing domain, simplicity works better than the rest. The readability of an average human is like that of a 7th grader. Using abstruse words will only shoo away your readers. Using flowery language is never the key to audience’s heart.

Use short and simple sentences. Longer blocks tend to intimidate the reader. Be mindful of that. If you aren’t too confident about your grammar, there are umpteen number of tools to help you out. You do not have to be a grammar ninja to be a good blogger.

Do not fluff your content unnecessarily

It’s not desirable to fluff the content to get to the desired length. Avoid words like – ‘very’, ‘that’ and ‘too’ to lengthen your blog. We have made these mistakes in the past and faced the music. Unnecessary details will also distract the audience and spoil the essence.

Final thoughts

Follow these simple tips to gain traction on your blog post. Your audience is your critique. Never turn a deaf to them. But, remember not to take negative comments to your heart!

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