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By Jass Makkar

I am Jass Makkar, an Indian, particularly Punjabi. I started this journey to pursue my passion for entrepreneurship a few years back. Being in a fast-paced competitive environment, I was always guided to get a well-paid job. But I never wanted to do a job under anyone and this determination solidified for me that freelancing was the best option for me. I love dealing with companies that focus on growth which I can tell is also important.

Basically, I am a content creator. I have written a book too. Additionally, I love to deal with IT companies. I have had various sessions on mental health as well. 

To be very honest, I never had any plan to become a content writer. My family tried a lot to teach me something like fashion designing, cooking, etc. But God had some different plans for me. Started as a pocket-money source but now it’s my business.

Getting my first client was a unique experience. It was a local deal. I was a high-school student so earning enough for daily pocket money was a big deal. I was looking for a part-time job. Through some references, the client checked my essays and poetry that I used to write as a hobby. So, I got my first task. The experience was good as I was doing something different and unique at that time. So, I was too excited about it as well. 

During my graduation, I started giving different interviews. Once I was interviewed by a local company. The manager was already impressed after reading my task. But MD didn’t hire me as they were looking for an experienced employee who can deal with their overseas clients. After 1 week, I got a text from that manager to work as a freelancer for him. He referred my profile to his Canadian client and boommm!!!!

The best thing about my profession is that I have no fixed working hours. I just love my freedom. I can work, go out, sleep, play, and enjoy at any time. I can’t work under any pressure or restrictions. It’s my nature and I can’t compromise my mental peace.

I received many awards in this sector. I was declared 3rd in the top 5 tech writers by an American newspaper. Moreover, I was interviewed by many TV and news channels when I launched my first book. 

There are a few tips that I would like to give to aspiring content writers. “NEVER, NEVER go for paid courses.” Skills are not something that you can drink with water. Practice is the key. So, instead of wasting your hard-earned money on learning tips only, work on yourself. 

There are many worth-sharing stories. But I would like to share a story about when a middle-aged man contacted me and said ‘THANK YOU’. 

Actually, I uploaded a post on ‘mental health’ in which I explained the family situation after the suicide.

After reading that post, he contacted me and said, “You saved my family, Jass. I was thinking about suicide because I have lost my job and I can’t pay the fees of my two children. But your post has opened my eyes.”

He uploaded a thank you post publicly too, which made me too emotional. 
This incident is really unforgettable. 

I really want to support mental health and entrepreneurship in my life. I have already started working on it. I hope, very soon I’ll launch something to support mental health. 

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