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By Sritama Nandi A friend of mine was a tad too disappointed because her blog posts were going unnoticed. Even after repeated promotions of her posts, hardly anyone would like or comment on her posts. Folks in the writing community know how hard the situation pricks. Years of experience, blood, sweat and toil allContinue Reading

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About 15% – 20% of the world’s population are entrepreneurs. Not everyone is born with an entrepreneur mindset, but if you have a zeal for it, then you can become a successful entrepreneur. Follow these tips to be successful in your new venture. 1. Passion: It is very important to beContinue Reading

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The typical work schedule of a Corporate Finance Analyst could vary a lot based on the industry and company but there are few common tasks that they perform in almost every company. Before explaining the typical work schedule, let’s discuss the skills required, work-hours, and the average salary of aContinue Reading