How She Turned Her Passion Into a Successful Blogging Career

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By Pooja Gudka

I created Lifesfinewhine in 2015. It feels like it was such a long time ago. I always knew I wanted to be a writer. Writing is all I’ve really ever truly enjoyed. But I didn’t have any platforms that I enjoyed writing on. I had tried writing on multiple platforms online but none of them seemed to fit just right. One day, a friend of mine told me about WordPress since she had recently joined the platform.

At first, Lifesfinewhine was nothing more than an outlet for me. It was a place where I could truly be myself. And say what I was thinking or feeling. Originally, I wanted this blog to be about psychology and mental health because that’s what I was interested in at the time. However, as I continued on my blogging journey, I realized that I had so much more I wanted to write about. And so I decided to make this a multi-niche blog. I didn’t want to ever be forced to only write about one topic. I think having multiple niches makes it interesting for both you as the writer/content creator and for your readers too.

As I began blogging more consistently, I noticed a quick growth in both my traffic and following. In just a short while of blogging regularly, I acquired thousands of followers and increased my traffic significantly. Search Engine traffic also began to appear. And soon, I began getting emails from sponsors looking to work with me. That’s when I realized that I may actually be able to start blogging full-time.

However, I was still in university studying history at that point. And I just didn’t have the time to work out a proper plan to turn my blog into my full-time job. I chose to concentrate on the university for the time being but kept blogging in mind as a career. I graduated from university at the end of 2021 and began to really focus on blogging. More than anything, I began figuring out how I could make enough of an income off my blog to make it my full-time job.

I took a break for about two months and came up with a plan. Instead of focusing on blogging alone, I would become a freelancer and offer multiple services. Thanks to the fact that I had been blogging for almost a decade now, I had learned a lot of very valuable information about blogging and WordPress. This knowledge could be helpful to other bloggers who may not have that much experience. Or the time to make certain changes to their sites.

Therefore, I created my Lifesfinewhine’s Services page and started offering services that I felt were most popularly sought after. These services included blog and social media management, SEO services, blog post editing, website redesign, and more. I began getting clients almost immediately and I have been working full-time ever since. Of course, I still make time to blog regularly on Lifesfinewhine as well.

More recently, I also started a travel business with my sister called Clickatripafrica. We are travel organizers that assist customers to choose their destinations, accommodations, and booking reservations. Whether you want to experience wilderness safaris, beach vacations, or learn about art and culture our aim is to ensure life-changing journeys carefully planned to meet all your needs.

Of course, running two businesses is not easy but I find that at the end of the day, it’s worth the hard work. When I created Lifesfinewhine, I was nothing but a confused teenager who needed an outlet. And luckily enough, that turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to me. It helped me create not one but two wonderful businesses and make more online friends than I can count.

What Challenges To Expect

I wanted to share some information on what challenges to expect, especially for newer bloggers. I know that blogging can be confusing and information like this can sometimes be very helpful.

One thing I think all bloggers should expect when they start blogging is a lack of followers and traffic. I know a lot of successful bloggers act as if it happens overnight. Like you can get thousands of followers and millions of views in no time. Unfortunately, the truth is much more somber. It takes a while to reach your target audience and build a following.

If you’re a WordPress blogger, expect a few glitches here and there. This platform can be difficult to navigate and use. It also comes with quite a few glitches every now and again. So, don’t freak out if that happens. Just contact a Happiness Engineer to help fix it. And if they can’t fix it, contact someone like me that offers services that will fix it for you.

Expect some scammers or people just looking to take advantage of you in general. A lot of people will offer you “opportunities” for “exposure.” Don’t take them. If you’re spending your time, giving them a backlink, etc, you should get paid for it.

How To Have A Successful Career As A Blogger

I also wanted to share some information on how to be a successful blogger because I think that’s the information a number of bloggers are constantly looking for. I get asked about this topic very frequently.

When it comes to blogging, patience really is a virtue. As I mentioned, blogging takes a while to attract traffic and followers. It’s not like social media. So if you don’t instantly see results, don’t give up on blogging. Keep doing your thing and I am sure over time your blog will grow. Posting consistently and working hard is really the key to blogging successfully.

Research is a vital part of being a successful blogger. Learn how to use WordPress well and make sure you know how to use the features correctly. Because these features can really help increase your traffic and following if used correctly. And if used incorrectly, they can do a lot of damage to your blog.

The last thing I want to add is to enjoy yourself. Blogging should be done only if the blogger enjoys themselves. I don’t know how but people can often tell when you post things you are passionate about and when you post for the sake of it. Make sure your content is something you enjoy sharing and people will appreciate that. They will be much more likely to follow your site.


I hope you enjoyed this very abridged version of the story behind Lifesfinewhine. I think the long version may turn into a book, lol. And I hope you found it informative too. If you would like to read more blogging advice, feel free to view all my blogging advice posts.

Thank you to everyone at Acoustic Post for having me on their lovely site.

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  1. Read every bit of it and can’t stress enough how much inspiring your journey is … looking forward to read one of your published work in future. -maggihead-

    1. Thank you so much, really appreciate that. Hopefully the poetry book should be out this month.

  2. This really is an inspiring story, congrats Pooja for what you achieved through all of your hard work!

  3. I don’t think I had read about your story before. You have come a long way and you should be very proud of yourself.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I shared my blogging journey posts quite a while back. Like three years ago or so. That’s probably why you haven’t read them.

  4. I don’t think I will ever get bored of reading your blogging story. I need to go back to listening to you on spotify and just enjoy all the content you put out. I wish blogging worked like youtube.

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that a lot. Same I wish blogging and YouTube were similar but they are honestly worlds apart.

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