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With the COVID-19 pandemic, we all realized that it’s better to live your life to the fullest rather than pushing things for the future. Pick your bucket list ideas based on your personality and interest. Some of these ideas will not only make you happy but will also influence your life positively. You may even turn some of these into a profession in the future.


Cruises offer a unique experience for every age group. You can have unlimited food and drinks along with multiple fun activities running almost every hour. At night, you can watch a Broadway show, go to a night club or casino, watch a movie sitting in the swimming pool or take a stroll on the top of the deck right below the stars (yes, just like the famous Titanic pose). During the day, the cruises stop at islands (like the Bahamas, Cozumel, etc.) where you can go out to explore new cities or for water excursions.

Royal Caribbean and Disney cruises (for kids) are two best options for a week-long cruise vacation. You may think that a week is a very long time to stay on a cruise but from experience, I can say that even after a week you may want to stay for another week on the cruise. Leaving your cruise room would make you feel like you are leaving your second home.


Most of the corporate employees want to start their own business but due to financial risks and family stability couldn’t take steps to start. If you ever had that thought then you don’t want to leave this world without scratching these bucket list ideas. It’s not necessary to start a big business. You can start small by building your own eCommerce website, writing a blog, or starting your own YouTube channel.

Start your business as a side-hustle for something you are passionate about. This will help you understand if starting a business was really something you wanted to do or was it just an option you wanted to explore. This would be your reality check as an entrepreneur.


Visiting an all-inclusive resort in the Maldives or a Caribbean island (Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, etc.) must be one of the top bucket list ideas. Four to five nights are enough to experience an all-inclusive resort.

This will be one of those vacations where you will not have any schedule. You are there only to relax. Book a massage session on the beach, have a candlelight dinner arranged next to the ocean and enjoy drifting in a lazy river. SandalsIberos, and Barcelo are some of the top chains of all-inclusive resorts.


Extreme Sports are linked with high speed and/or high risks. They usually release a large amount of adrenaline hormone which in this case is linked with fear and excitement. Since an extreme sport could be dangerous to life so most of them require you to be physically fit. Make sure to consult with your physician before engaging in any extreme sport.

Skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, and ice climbing are some of the extreme sports. There are few easy alternates too to get some adrenaline rush while keeping the risk low.

Indoor Skydiving, go-karting, parasailing, zip line, hot air balloon, riding an ATV are comparatively easy sports. Make sure to confirm physical fitness requirements before trying these sports.

Flip on a trampoline, horseback ride on the beach, playing a game of paintball, and riding a mechanical bull are other easy alternates.

Driving a racing car is on the top of my bucket list ideas.


Someone once said: “Nobody is a born guitarist, trust your fingers”. This is a very true statement. Music can be learned. With perseverance and hard work, you can learn to play keyboards, guitar, flute, or harmonica in less than 3 months. If you think that you can’t learn an instrument then read about Stevie Wonder. He was blind since shortly after birth but could play keyboards, harmonica, and drums by the time he was 8.

Yousician is a great app to learn piano, guitar, or ukulele. For a serious musician, my recommendation would be to start with a keyboard. JustinGuitar and GuitarJamz are two good YouTube channels to learn to play guitar.


If you never performed on stage then add it to your bucket list ideas. You may act in a play, sing a song, or give a speech. Performing on stage requires efforts but you will be surprised with the appreciation you will receive afterward. It’s okay to have stage fright or feel nervous before your performance. Pick the performance based on your skill and interest.

It will be a good idea to practice with your family before performing it on stage in front of hundreds of people. There are multiple karaoke clubs where you can sing with a complete band and background singers at no cost. CityWalk’s Rising Star in Universal Orlando is one such place.


Since childhood, we all love sports. Although your interest in sports would have changed with age, there is always one sport which we wanted to learn but never got a chance. It’s time to fulfill that wish and add that sport to your bucket list ideas.

Take an archery class, learn a martial art, ride in a luge, learn skiing, or go for kayaking. There are so many fun sports activities you could learn that would not only make you happy but will also keep you physically fit.


Adding few more bucket list ideas. Message us if you need information about any of them.

  1. Experience the Northern Lights
  2. Write a book or a novel
  3. Reach your goal weight
  4. Wake up to see the sunrise
  5. Run a 5K, half marathon or marathon
  6. Paint or sketch
  7. Attend a rodeo
  8. Make a snowman
  9. Relax in a natural hot spring
  10. Visit your favorite destination
  11. Sleep in an igloo
  12. Go for camping
  13. Stay in a cabin in the woods
  14. Whale watching
  15. Attend a school reunion
  16. Cover the bed or bathtub in rose petals
  17. Blow a Glass
  18. Make an origami animal
  19. Work on a pottery wheel
  20. Swim with dolphins
  21. Go on a wildlife safari
  22. Visit your childhood home
  23. Learn a new language (Spanish and French are good languages)
  24. Create your family tree
  25. Help someone with their bucket list ideas

Do you have any other bucket list ideas that we can add here?

Disclaimer: Consult with your physician before engaging in any extreme sports or risky activity.

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