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By Priyanka Lath Here in this article, you will explore different concepts of Homophone, Homograph, and Homonyms. I tried to explain all these concepts in simple language, providing ample examples of each so as to make it very clear and precise in terms of understanding the concept and using the fun and pun part ofContinue Reading

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By Priyanka Lath DEFINE PREPOSITION Preposition in very basic terms refers to words used to establish a relationship between a noun or pronoun with other words in the sentence so that the meaning of the sentence could be comprehended.  Prepositions are also called linking words. They are short and small words in general.Continue Reading

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By Priyanka Lath WHAT IS LAW INTERNSHIP? Internship simply means getting first-hand real experience of your chosen career subject. A law student or an undergraduate of law gain the real knowledge of the day to day legal practices in law internship. Basically, an internship is a practical experience of what youContinue Reading

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By Priyanka Lath ‘Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan is all set to return to Doordarshan as India remains hunkered down during a nationwide coronavirus lockdown’ – this made headlines on March 27th, 2020, after the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi announced a lockdown to halt the spread of coronavirus in India. This announcement madeContinue Reading