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By Nidhi Aswal UNDERSTANDING POSTTRAUMATIC GROWTH Posttraumatic growth can take many forms, including tremendous respect for life, increased personal resilience, strengthened interpersonal relationships, a shift in life values, meaningful moral improvements, or the discovery of new meaning and intention in life. PTG (posttraumatic growth) is a hypothesis that describes this sortContinue Reading

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By Nidhi Aswal Telemedicine, telehealth, or healthcare kiosk is an innovative, portable computerized machine integrated with digital technology and an easy-to-use touch screen facility. With AI (artificial intelligence) rapidly transforming the healthcare industry, the need for health kiosks has expedited during these pandemic times to counter the healthcare sector’s critical challenges, such as patient care management, economic costs, and real-time benefits of advanced telehealth solutions. Health kiosks willContinue Reading