Acoustic Post - Perfectionist

By Monja du Ploy Do you spend hours trying to perfect a task, read your work at least three times before submitting, or are you continually adjusting your looks and behavior to impress and please? We all know at least one perfectionist who tends to drive the “normal” people nuts withContinue Reading

portrait photo of woman in yellow t shirt doing the shh sign while standing in front of blue background

By Monja du Ploy I am sure you know the saying “He/she is the strong silent type? I just read an interesting article written by Tim Denning on numerous interviews done with the actor, Keanu Reeves. He fits perfectly into this category. According to Wikihow, ‘A strong and silent type is generally thought of as someone who projectsContinue Reading

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By Monja du Ploy Executive assistants are the “face” and “voice” of their executive and therefore an ambassador for their company. It has to be every assistant’s goal to commission the company values, objectives, and priorities at all times. The indispensable assistant is resourceful, accountable, and always demonstrates proactive behavior.Continue Reading