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By Moksha Sharma Have you designed your house to be home? Yet it doesn’t add up quite well at times?  Well, if you nodded yes to this, you might as well be relieved to land up here. Further into the blog, is a list of hacks you could use toContinue Reading

Acoustic Post - Effective LinkedIn Profile

By Moksha Sharma When you think of social media platforms, what are the first things that come into your mind? Instagram Facebook Twitter Quora Ever think of LinkedIn? Unfortunately, I know the majority of the answer will point onwards no. LinkedIn is an extremely underrated platform that is not foundContinue Reading

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By Moksha Sharma As a 22-year-old ‘girl’ I do have my voice. Yes, I wrote that in quotes because in a population of some billion, many still won’t accept me as a part of society. I know we have come a long way and we are advanced in certain aspectsContinue Reading