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In the next 10 minutes, do you want to learn to give an effective presentation? It is okay if English is your second language. Presentation is not about your vocabulary or grammar. It’s about how you connect yourself with the audience. You need to show passion for the topic andContinue Reading

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, we all realized that it’s better to live your life to the fullest rather than pushing things for the future. Pick your bucket list ideas based on your personality and interest. Some of these ideas will not only make you happy but will also influence your life positively.Continue Reading

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From a very young age, we all have been taught to join this rat race and compete with others. Without evaluating and understanding the things that make us happy, we keep on struggling and striving for more. Is it really the purpose of life? I am not saying it’s badContinue Reading

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I am in my late 30s and have been through multiple careers and phases of life. I made multiple mistakes and learned multiple things from those experiences. Sometimes I wish, someone had told me these 5 life lessons in my 20s. Although I can give hundreds of life lessons but feel theseContinue Reading

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About 15% – 20% of the world’s population are entrepreneurs. Not everyone is born with an entrepreneur mindset, but if you have a zeal for it, then you can become a successful entrepreneur. Follow these tips to be successful in your new venture. 1. Passion: It is very important to beContinue Reading

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The typical work schedule of a Corporate Finance Analyst could vary a lot based on the industry and company but there are few common tasks that they perform in almost every company. Before explaining the typical work schedule, let’s discuss the skills required, work-hours, and the average salary of aContinue Reading

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We have hundreds of things to do or think about but once we start coming back to normal life after Covid-19 pandemic, what are the things that you want to get back to? This is a good time to step back and think about the things that matters the mostContinue Reading

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We all start our new years with resolutions but after few days lose the motivation to achieve our goals. You may have different goals in life: want to start exercising, stop eating junk food, quit smoking, study hard, or learn a new language or an instrument. But the success ofContinue Reading

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Everyone has a different goal when they start practicing mediation. Few want to control their mind, some want to relax their body, and others may just want to blank their emotions. The below techniques are useful for beginners and can help in sleeping better. Start with 5 minutes of meditation. You canContinue Reading